Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day yadah-yaduh

First off, I have not posted in ALMOST AN ENTIRE YEAR. What the poo, right?? Sorry to all of my FIVE FOLLOWERS about that. I know you seriously had a hole in your life where my blog had been ;) I am making a seriously belated New Year's resolution to start blogging loads more.

Today is Valentine's Day, the "day of love" ... dia de amor right?
Well I've been thinking all day and for the past few days actually,
how most of us automatically think of romantic type love as the resident love for Valentine's Day;
you know, the flowers, the chocolate, the cheesy hallmark card you could never write. The pressure to find the "perfect gift" for your significant other. [Most] single people whining, and constantly emphasizing how much they hate Valentine's Day and how pointless it is... There's all that material junk but aside from that, (which I could have a whole other rant about) I don't see why we just automatically think of romantic human love as the only love that counts on Valentine's Day! This shallow love that we rely so much on is not the only love there is.

{{before I go any further, let me just say, I'm not another bitter single person trying to find the perfect excuse for "being alone" on Valentine's, I actually have an amazing boyfriend of six months (today!:) *happy dance*}} BUT THAT'S IRRELEVANT.

And yes, if you are truly in love with someone, by all means, go all out for them for Valentine's Day, whether that means flowers & jewelry or a mix CD or a trip to the Grand Canyon, for you and your other half, I don't know; whatever floats your boat.

But I can't help feeling like everyone is missing a HUGE point, (single or not) by ignoring all other kinds of love! What about everyone else that loves you!? Your best friend, your mom, your siblings, that kid you babysit, your dog (or cat!)
And not to mention the most incredible lover of all; GOD! He is the only One who will never ever ever leave you. (by the way, Him being always there has nothing to do with YOUR doubt.) His love is more pure, perfect and UNconditional than any of us broken weak humans could ever fathom. And that love remains no matter what you've done, or if you "don't believe in Him" .... that's what UNCONDITIONAL means.

So on this day that can seem crazy, sometimes nauseating and yes, very materialistic, don't forget about REAL love.
Have a great day and go have fun with EVERYONE you love.