Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Once there was a beautiful princess. And of course, a most handsome prince. Now wait; before you go any further, let me warn you; this is not the happily ever after story you may have been hoping for. The one where the gorgeous prince that everyone wants falls in love with the somewhat underdog princess with minor self esteem issues; the one where he carries her off to a magical land with fairies and unicorns and spontaneous coreographed dance numbers. No, because in that fairytale, the princess would get everything her little heart desires; a hot prince, the latest in ball gown fashions, the biggest names in interior mansion design to decorate her castle, and more importantly, the love she's always longed for. 
But, in reality this love may not come so easy. In reality, this handsome prince may at first appear to be Prince Charming, but then he plays the princess and leaves her for another, taking part of her heart with him. But then out of the grey, someone else shows up. Someone who may not at first appear to be Prince Charming, maybe slightly less physically appealing than the first boy. But he talks to the princess and they become friends. He makes her feel good and happy and beautiful and takes her out. But he doesn't let her get everything she wants. He tells her the truth, and she believes him, whether it's what she wants to hear or not. He compliments her strengths, and she compliments his and they in turn make each other stronger. The princess remembers the boy she used to know who broke her heart... what was his name again? She only sees the man in front of her to whom she's given her broken heart and who has gladly picked it up and pieced the shards together, even nicking his own hands every once in a while. He treated the pieces delicately, and stitched them together as best he could, then introduced her to One who healed it completely; spackled the cracks, sanded the rough edges smooth, painted a beautiful mural and left His signature at the bottom. The princess stands hand in hand with the man she loves, looking deeply into his eyes as he speaks words that she's always longed to hear. Then someone else speaks and she becomes once again conscious of other people there with them. She now comprehends what the third-party voice is saying: "You may kiss the bride."


  1. Love it....Love you! Such talent; such insight! So proud of you and your heart!

  2. I love this one! It reminds me of Poppa & me...sort of flip-flopped, but I think he would agree! You are a very sincere, insightful, and creative little fish, and I am so glad that you always choose to "keep swimming"! I love you amatsih!