Monday, February 28, 2011

Rant Against "Them"

People say write about what you know. They say write about your experiences.
But what if you don't have experience? What if you don't want it? What if you're content with being more naive than you know? After all, "They" say usually innocence comes with naivety.
So does my lack of so-called experience keep me from being a good writer?

I think I'll have to disagree with "Them."
Because, I think what makes a good writer is being able to bring things to life; being able to bring meaning and importance to the simplest of things. Because good writers have good imaginations- if not always in the fictional, fantasy form. They can imagine- or maybe a better word is see- this importance of little things that others may not see, (or maybe they do, they just don't realize it and need to hear or read about it to finally grasp the full meaning in the otherwise valueless thing.)
Hence, the importance already existing, just going unnoticed; the writer's job is to simply put to words what already is. And the good writer's job is to put it in such a way that even more clearly evaluates the position of significance the thing holds.

Now, you may disagree with me, or you may disagree with "Them"; after all, I'm just speaking from my experience.

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