Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A thing that grows out of the ground.

You imagine a tree. A beautiful tree that is tall and strong with branches flowing gracefully down the trunk, yet sturdy enough to support little mini branches and hordes of perfectly shaped leaves. A tree that is the exact perfect shape for a decent tree house with one L-shaped branch simply begging to have a swing hanging from it. A tree that is dense enough to provide adequate shelter from any rainstorms should you need it and refreshing shade on those scorching days, yet penetrable enough for holes of sunlight to trickle down for an appealing abstract effect. A tree that produces a diversity of red and gold and purple leaves in the fall and sheds them all for a lovely bare look, which is occasionally accented by snowflakes. A tree that provides the perfect angles for nests of little songbirds which provide you a splendid chorus is the spring. It's perfect; everything you want; everything you could hope for- though, imaginary. So... you go outside and plant a tree.

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