Thursday, February 03, 2011

Fuzz Ball

So yesterday, me and the fam were watching America's Funniest Home Videos and we saw a hilarious vid, so I wrote this story about it:

That little hairy dog with sporadic splashes of black on his scraggly white fur on the home video show is apparently trying to bark. But the noise comes out broken, hesitant; almost like laughter. The first impression of this cute canine is of course that he, (or maybe she,) is quite the funny figure. But then I wonder if the dog knows what a pitiful sound he is making?
Is he being seriously hurt by the laughter of the large primate behind the camera, and only following undeniable instincts by continuing to bark in reply to it?
Or maybe he's aware of the laughing-bark and kind of a clowning pup; he's trying to get laughter out of his audience.
But then again, it could be that he is completely oblivious to the dreadful sound which he is omitting. Maybe he has some kind of little-guy complex, and thinks he is literally owning the people at whom he is barking, and perhaps even is decieved at the meaning of the laughter from them.
But, no matter the pupppy's perception, the general consensus of us humans is that the laughing-bark is very amusing.

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